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commonwealth with the upset 62-59. the 12 seeded vcu will face off against four seed indiana in the next round. boy, do they look good. >>> last night lie ole la, -- lyola, inned midtaking on ohio state. 19 points for the gray hounds but the buckeyes were too much. ohio state facing gonzaga next. >>> the wizards aren't making a lot of news on the court this year but made a big trade-off shipping two recognizable names out of town. the wiz get a player in the nuggets along with brian cook and a 200015 draft pick from the clippers. the move puts a little life into the wizards last night. they were visiting my hometown and the hornets in new orleans. john wall scored 26 for d.c. five of the players were in double digits. the wiz beat the bad hornet team 99-89. d.c. visits atlanta tonight. >> when they spread the wealth around, that's when they have a shot to win. good job, wiz. >>> still ahead this morning. the push for a casino at national harbor hits the spotlight in annapolis. >> some people may be pushing outside the apple store. the new ipad is released today. this is what it looked like in
. isolated sprinkles south of pittsburgh. you have to go back to indiana and illinois before you see the real showers we're expecting this afternoon. martinsburg, leesburg at 42. it's 49 on the bay at the-and-a- half acad maymy in annapolis. 48 down in reedville. 45 from fauquier county and this afternoon it's going to be warmer than it was yesterday with highs well into the 70s. might even 80s south and west of d.c.. beverly farmer's in with timesaver traffic. >>> and folks getting out on the roadways now this morning, at least nobs couples but the volume will show you with the ride on 66 as you head in from markham. manassas in towards centreville. fair oaks and vienna. two lanes are open. heaviest volume is here getting past centreville here 29 past 28. just getting past falls church. northbound 95 lights up dale city into woodbridge. either access the beltway or continue north on 395 has had lanes open. just the volume here with the 14th street bridge though all lanes are open. maryland beltway you're looking good too topside from college park into silver spring. heaviest volume is just f
. bringing in the warmth as well. showers across indiana and ohio. again with the southerly wind. we are ta talking temperatures 15 to 25 degrees above average. >> showers moving in after dark. each by midnight showers overnight especially south and east of town. sunshine, but the threat for an isolated shower or a rumble of thunder. some areas may get to 70. showers tonight. a warmer day tuesday. 77 a chance for an afternoon shower. wednesday and thursday look very nice. as we head toward friday and saturday, we have to reintroduce showers the possibility of thunder. we have the race saturday the usa marathon here. mike and andrea, back to you. thank you howard, take a look at this video. this is what it looks like outside at this time thursday morning. a nice and sunny drive in for the morning commute. >>> now look live this morning. it is still dark outside. the mornings can be the downside when you start daylight savings time. you start driving to work in the dark again. you can enjoy a little sun after dinner. >>> some of us have a hard time adjusting. even though you just lose an hour
,000 square foot children's play area. fort wayne, indiana have free fresh baked cookies. they're just handing them out. honolulu, beautiful chinese, japanese and hawaiian back door gardens and in los angeles you can get some shoe shines and at dulles, this technically isn't free but you pay 50 cents and shoot over to udvar-hazy and you can check out the smithsonian museum while you're there. >>> chrysler will now guarantee cars built by any manufacturer. car makers usually only certify their own cars for resale. cars will have to go through a thorough inspection, be newer than 2008 and have less than 48,000 miles to qualify. >>> move over, potato chips. this takes the vending machine to a whole new awesome. a vending machine that sells cupcakes. cupcake sprinkles has installed a machine at its flagship store. it will dispense cupcakes 24/7. three more are planned for new york city by summer. you know what that means. >> it's coming here. >> it's coming here. that's what i'm betting. >> how do you keep them fresh? the best thing about those cupcakes is they're ridiculously moist. >> my guess i
a point in the loss. >>> on to the nba, washington hosting indiana last night. the wiz led by 16 after the first quarter and then, they lost all their momentum. paul george hit a three pointer to put the pacers ahead with a minute left. wizards lose it closely 85-83. d.c. hosts atlanta tomorrow night. >>> the time right now 6:25. still ahead, maryland's plan to tax high earners moves forward. >> and forgetting your phone? we've all done it. learn many you're most likely to lose your phone and when. >> right now beverly farmer has a quick check on traffic. >> new troubles for you in virginia. if you're heading eastbound 66, crash just east of manassas before 29 centreville. sign that the left side of the roadway. here's part of the lineup live if traffic land. new crash northbound # 5 getting into -- 95 getting into springfield and a detour around chevy chase via connecticut avenue. you're watching 9news now. stay with us, we'll be right back with those details and more. [ female announcer ] shaving can irritate skin... causing dark marks to become visible. dove has the effective soluti
the disaster. greg black has the story. >> reporter: angel backcok initially survived the tornado in indiana but was critically injured. her parents, brother and 2- month-old sister were all killed. >> the man and woman was laying right here behind the saw mill. all three of the kids were found in this area. >> one of the babies was still in a car seat, a baby seat. >> i don't know what to say. it's devastating. >> reporter: angel died at a louisville hospital sunday afternoon after being taken off life support. her grandfather shared his grief beforehand. >> if i do get to see her, my pastor is going to go in there with me. we're going to pray there and i'm going to tell that little girl that -- i'm going to tell her that it's time for her to meet her mommy and daddy. >> reporter: meanwhile humankindness was seen amid the death, mourning and destruction. the governor praised volunteers for stepping up to help storm victims. >> it makes me proud to be governor of a state where we have people like that. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell toured liberty, a city torn apart by a powerful tornado. >> f
for good. d.c. falls to indiana 93-89. >>> our time is 6:25. still ahead, learn why blackberry is singing the blues. >> pepco promised to trim trees to avoid further outages. now learning why the company has stopped doing that. >>> northbound on 95 lining up from the prince william parkway to get past the occoquan, more heavy traffic as you make your way through newington. you're watching 9news now. our next check of time saver traffic coming up at 6:30. happy friday. we'll be right back. >>> good morning. time 6:29 on your friday morning. it's going to be a sunny start to the day, kind of chilly. definitely you want your coats, maybe even a scarf if you get cold easily like i do. for the rest of today, we're looking at mostly sunny conditions. for the afternoon, though, some increasing cloudiness. temperatures topping out low to mid-60s for this afternoon. currently it's 44 degrees ready partly cloudy conditions. if you're heading out for dinner tonight, it's going to be milder compared to last night. i think it's going to be a pretty nice evening. maybe you can fire up the barbecues if
and southern indiana in the last few hours. that is all marching off to the northeast. we're looking at a moderate risk of severe weather across parts of the ohio and tennessee valley with the slight risk getting in toward western maryland and parts of western virginia and west virginia. this could be more for the storms late tonight. the storms later today, this afternoon, could have some large hail and even tornadoes across cincinnati, columbus, down through lexington, louisville. so you know people in that part of world, just make sure they're up on the weather today. for us a quick look as the clouds are rolling in this afternoon and those showers will be here for the afternoon rush. most of the rain will be gone by mid-morning tomorrow. 58 degrees today. late showers, some showers and storms tonight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon partial clearing, breezy, 62. but by sunday a colder day. upper 40s. a couple of flurries moving in then. as we head toward monday, even colder but mild again by wednesday. let's go to monika santami, 6:17. not too much going on yet. >>> it's
producing showers into ohio andeanian, down toward -- and indiana, down toward the mississippi valley. that is moving in our direction and will be here after dark. look at these temperatures before i go. already in the 50s. 56 annapolis. we're looking at highs later this afternoon upper 60s to low 70s. tomorrow, though, we're going to cool down into the 50s. more on that in a few minutes. right now it's monika santami's turn with time saver traffic. >>> an accident on the southbound side of i-275 near 85 -- 270 near 85 in frederick. that's cleared up. you just have the volume right now down to the point where the lanes divide. off and on delays but no big deals to report on the south side of 270. over to the maps, overall the beltway is doing fine. we did have a disabled vehicle down here in alexandria on the inner loop aft wilson bridge. that -- after the wilson bridge. that was cleared to the shoulder but caused a bit of a backup. you see all the red down here. that was caused by that earlier accident moved to the shoulder. let's go over to the beltway on the north side of town or t
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9